In the Philippines alone, there are over 12,000 aspiring accountants who are currently slaving away on their log sheets, grasping at the straws to get the balances just right, and analyzing every single detail of the data so that the numbers come out right. Take note that most of the time, this is done manually which makes the tedious task even more tiresome than it already is. However, now that we are further into the 21 st century, the rapid development in technology has further improved the system in which numbers may be calculated and logged down instantly. This has lifted a big weight off of the shoulders of accountants and accounting students alike. Given this, it is first important to understand accounting as is in order to see how the use of technology has further advanced the potential of accountants everywhere.
The need to “account” dated back to the ancient times when the resources being exchanged were documented. The importance of this was to keep the order and flow of such business transactions and is still practiced today. Accounting is

considered the language of business and has become the central form of communication among businessmen; thus, it is just so that this language be taken online. The reason for this is because businesses have become crucial in keeping the economy in line—errors must be minimal. Thus, accountants must be assisted by online platforms in order for them to be able to easily communicate their work to their employers as well as make their lives easier. Numerous companies have used software as a service (SAAS) in order to open opportunities for their accountants to work faster, have little error—or if there is, identify it faster, and help them become less stressed or burned out. The importance of accounting services is a crucial part of any company which is why it is only fair that the accountants get their moments of relief. Plus, with globalization happening and the fast boom of technology, the possibilities are endless. Softwares provided by companies such as Netsuite, Microsoft, and the like have definitely helped both Certified Public Accountants and aspiring accountants to keep their sanity in tact.

At the end of it all, accounting services are integral to the success of a company. In order to keep up with the times and all the numbers, technology has contributed in what it has promised to do in the first place: make the lives of people easier. However, this is not to discount the work of accountants, keep in mind the hours are still grueling; but, it does bring a big sigh of relief to the mighty accountants that there is a light—and that their hands won’t fall off! Do not forget the great contribution it will give the environment, less paper and all!