Many years ago, have you ever wondered how amazing it was to do tedious, tiresome office work from the comforts of the bedroom or study room of your home and wished it was oh-so-true? Well it seems technology has caught up with our dreams and wishes. If you dreamt about working in your pajamas (or your undies, if you prefer that), eating a spoonful of Nutella every minute, turning the music to maximum volume for the heck of it, still do what you are tasked to do (or more, if you’re that good) and still get paid good money for it, then my friend, it’s a dream come true for you.

Home-based jobs (or working online) has become a trend in this generation of ours. It seems that more and more people like doing work at the comforts of their houses instead of travelling miles of highway just to reach the office. Here are 10 awesome benefits and reasons why working at home makes absolute sense:

  1. Less Stress (yes!) – Since you’re at your own house you would definitely “feel at home” and of course get less stressed. You don’t have to get up in the morning with the first thought of getting yourself ready to go to the office and not eating breakfast anymore. Now, you can work while eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and watching your favorite series on Netflix (only if your assigned work is very light for the day, you should always focus on you work first)

  2. Less Cost for the Companies – Hiring people to work from their homes allows the companies to cut property, rent, and/or lease costs. They don’t have to rent an office to squeeze in 500 people when they can just hire 500 people who have their own houses. Makes sense, right?

  3. Talk to your Workers like you’re with them, but really not – With the rise and boom of technology comes one of the most wonderful gifts and very smart people to mankind: online communication. Video calls, chat, voice calls are great ways for the bosses to talk to their employees. And with the rise of video conferences and cloud based project management makes coordinating seamless, even if they’re far away from each other (like countries or continents apart)

  4. “Absenteeism” – Working at home eliminates the necessity to be present in the office as much as possible. You can be physically absent while still doing your job.

  5. No or little money needed to get to work – No more paying for your fares back and forth just to get to the office and back at home. No more eating lunch at the pantry or some expensive lunch just to eat. Just walk to your laptop and cook your own food. Thank you technology.

  6. You’re Safe – Yes you are. You don’t have to walk that dark, cold path on your way home anymore. You don’t have to worry about crossing the lane and imagining if your next step would be a free trip to the hospital. None of those anymore. Working at home eliminates all the safety issues that you get when you work at a different place.

  7. Remote employees are happier – And companies make good advantage of it. Wouldn’t you be very happy working while avoiding the stress of office politics and office gossips? I know you would.

  8. Family Time – Working at home means you have more quality time with your family. Now, they will never bother or tease you about how you missed your last clan reunion because you were too busy making an Excel report in your office on your rest day overtime.

  9. Better than Cubicles – It’s always better to work to in a big bedroom than to work in an overly cramped cubed space. And you don’t have to sit while working anymore. You can even work while practicing your dance for the next block party!

  10. Life/Work Balance – And lastly, and most probably the best benefit that you will get while working at the comforts of your own home. Never again will other people tell you that you’re too overworked. Never again.

The evolution of technology isn’t over yet, and most likely it will keep on evolving in the foreseeable future. So will newer ways of making working at home better. Try working at home. You know you want to.