A friend asked me, why are you always smiling despite our very hectic schedule? I replied, “Life is too short and I don’t want to make it shorter.”

Too many times, life throws rocks at us. Those rocks are the negatives in our lives. It could be our difficult boss, the mounting bills, or a sickness. At these times, staying positive is more of a challenge. However, it’s still better to be positive than to be negative. Here are some reasons why:     

Negativity makes people ugly. Negative people are always tired. They always look haggard and stressed-out. Why? It is because being negative sucks out the life from them.

Moreover, negativity makes people sick. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between stress and the likelihood of acquiring diseases.

By being negative, we also don’t get to live our lives to the fullest. Negative thoughts in our minds hinder us from prosperity. They are like weights that slow us, pull us, or drag us down from progress.

So how do we become positive? We can do this by choosing to be positive, by staying away from negative people, and by seeing good and feeling good.

Choose to be Positive.

Ever heard of the saying, “Happiness is a Choice”? Well so is positivity! Being positive is a choice. You have to first choose to be positive. Everything begins with a mindset- what constantly occupies our minds. If we think about negative stuff all the time, we become that- Negative. But if we think about positive things all the time, we become positive.

The fastest way to change how we feel is to change our mindset. If we come across a pinch and tempted to get mad and grumble, we should just change the way we think about the situation. This works wonders!

Stay away from negative people.

How can you tell a positive from a negative person? Simple! First, they always complain. They love to complain.

Secondly, they are always angry. It may be at the waiter in a restaurant, at their boss, their status in life or even on their self. 

And lastly, they hurt other people. Have you ever come across somebody who you think was born to make you life miserable? Why do they hurt other people? It may be because they are hurting inside. Hurting people hurt other people. These are the ones that you should avoid.

As the saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together”. People tend to have similar traits with the people they are always with.

If we stick with negative people, chances are we will be negative as well. This is why we should surround ourselves with positive people- people who will bring out the best in us.

See Good, Feel Good.

One tip to become positive is to see the good in everything. Sometimes, especially in this negative world where everything does not go our way, it could be failing at school, losing a job, or breaking up, it’s very easy to see the bad side of everything.

However, if we always think of the negative things, we will be stuck with those. But if we look for the positive things in life, we will find them.